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Charitable organization "Fund "Aspern"

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Fund “Aspern” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization
engaged in charitable activities in the interests of Ukrainian society.

We provide financial and material support, as well as free social services to those
who need social protection and support.


Letter of appeal to partners

Our values

Наши ценности: забота, последовательность, комплексный, системный подход, индивидуальность каждого, профессионализм.


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Our programs

  • Children Centre

    Includes a number of measures for rehabilitation and social adaptation of children.

  • Mother – Child Centre in Kyiv

    The program is organized in 2013 to help women in difficult living conditions.

  • DARE

    The DARE program is the result of cooperation between Caritas Austria and partners from the CIS region - Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

  • Actions

    The actions include the International Volunteer Program and Humanitarian Aid.

  • Health improvement for children

    For the improvement of children's health, the “Fund "Aspern" organized the program "Health".

  • Help to families in a crisis situation

    Comprehensive and systemic assistance to families, protection of their rights and interests.

Methodical manuals

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Charitable organization "Fund "Aspern" Code EDRPOU 21705897

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IBAN UA863218420000026002053032922 in the Kiev GRU PJSC CB Privatbank, MFO 321842.

Purpose of payment: voluntary charitable contribution. 
Address: 02121, Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 180/21, office 185. Tel. (044) 332-15-41

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We ask 400 hryvnias for the rehabilitation of one child living in the Children's Center


400 UAH


We collect funds for the entrance group at the Center for Mother and Child, will provide an opportunity to expand the work of the center and provide assistance to even more mothers who need support


94 594 UAH


We collect funds for food for children, live around the clock in the Children's Center


15 317 UAH









The History of the "Fund “Aspern" began in 1997, when Koshil Vera Ivanivna accompanied her group of children to a small area of Vienna (Austria) under the name of Aspern.

Our events

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February 2020

  1. Parental Care Club.
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Aspern Foundation and Faith in Life charity experts continue to work in groups to strengthen and develop parental potential, which is supported by the regional DARE program at this time. The purpose of the groups is to promote the role of the adult in the child's life, to understand the importance of being around for many years of life; deepening knowledge and practical skills in the education and development of children; how to develop the right attitude to what is happening and be able to cope with difficulties; il in the family and make a happy family life together.

In working with parenting groups, “Positive parenting”, experts initiate discussion of topics that are of concern to participants, such as: “Needs of modern children,” “Risky behavior of the child,” “Learning - important life prospects,” “Emotions that affect children's health, and parents, stress, age, development, profession development through child self-employment, identity, a new generation, I, you, he, the role of parents in shaping responsibility for life, and other topics that interested participants. The greatest value of the group is that all participants have the opportunity to be active, to initiate the choice of the topic of the meeting, to speak openly, to be heard and to receive support, the groups are designed for 8 people..

Positive parenting support also includes individual family counseling (by appointment). There will also be workshops, cultural and educational events and family outings aimed at strengthening family traditions.

If you have questions about the upbringing and development of your children, you want to gain new knowledge, skills, share experiences and hear about others, not to despair but to find inner resources. There are many ways and we are confident that we can improve family life. Contact us for help.

Meetings are held every Wednesday from 4 pm to 6 pm at the premises of the Aspern Children's Home at Kyiv, Kharkivskoe shosse, 121 \ 3 (Darnytskyi district). Group recording by phone: + 3044-332-15-43.

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Address: 02121, Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 180/21, office 185; Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 121/3

Phone: (044) 332-15-43, 332-15-41




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