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For 20 years, the Charity Foundation Aspern takes care of the least vulnerable sections of the population and has a steady approach to addressing children's problems. Every year we make a lot of efforts to ensure that our children, mothers, parents receive decent services. Charity Foundation Aspern was the first organization in Kyiv to open 24/7 services for mothers with children. The center is designed for temporary accommodation of 5 pregnant women / single mothers with 12 children under 6 years of age. Particular attention is paid to those who have suffered from various forms of violence (physical, psychological, financial, spiritual) and for them the center is a safe environment. Thanks to our support a pregnant woman, mother with child has the opportunity to study, to overcome temporary life difficulties, to find a job, to solve housing issues, to raise the level of child care, to put the child in preschool. With the support of people who care and our partners, since 2013, 34 mothers and 48 children have received skilled help and temporary shelter. All of them have returned to normal life and continue to raise their children in better-off circumstances.

Why do we need to build a separate entrance? The Mother and Child Center is located in a multi-storey building, which creates certain inconveniences for residents. The Center also aims to expand its range of services and set up day care groups for pregnant women and mothers with children on a free basis.
If you are concerned about the life of a woman and a child, please join us and create affordable services for pregnant women and mothers with children.
For construction and arrangement of separate entrance we need 94'594 UAH.
A report on the funds used and information on the progress of construction will be published on the organization's website..




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Address: 02121, Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 180/21, office 185; Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 121/3

Phone: (044) 332-15-43, 332-15-41

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