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P71002113905Charitable organization "Fund “Aspern" is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, the basis of which is the implementation of charitable activities in the interests of Ukrainian society. The organization was registered in March 2000 and operates under the auspices of Caritas Vienna, the Teachers Without Borders Belgium, and cooperates with the Kyiv City State Administration, Darnytsky District State Administration in Kyiv.


The purpose of the "Fund “Aspern" is activities aimed at providing material and financial assistance, as well as services for people who are in difficult living conditions.

The "Fund “Aspern" provides a variety of services aimed at supporting and helping children and young people. Specialists of the Fund provide adaptation, socialization and integration of children and youth into society; provide social and psychological support and rehabilitation. Priority in the work is to create conditions for the return and comfortable living of the child in the biological family. In the absence of such an opportunity we take care of the child at the stage of transition to family forms of education, provide accommodation and obtain skills of independent life, taking into account the individual situation and needs.

Main directions of activity:

● Development and introduction of innovative methods of working with children and families in difficult living conditions;
● Social prevention of orphanhood, child abuse and promotion of family values;
● Ensuring integrative education of children and young people in order to obtain specific skills of the profession;
● Provision of comprehensive services for children and families aimed at their rehabilitation and adaptation in society;
● Provision of humanitarian aid to children and families in difficult living conditions;
● Assistance to children and young people in establishing contact with the social environment, gaining independent living skills, and gaining professional skills.



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Address: 02121, Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 180/21, office 185; Kyiv, Kharkivske shose, 121/3

Phone: +38 (050) 4191077

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