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Today, the number of families who are in difficult life circumstances and can not provide the necessary living conditions for the child continues to increase. The number of homeless children is also growing. Therefore, the Charity Foundation "Aspern" organized the program "Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children".

This program has been operating since 2006 and aims to provide children in need of social and psychological assistance and rehabilitation with a temporary place of residence. The work of the Center is based on the idea of ensuring the child's right to a decent standard of living, care, quality education and interesting leisure. The aim of the work is to overcome difficulties and provide family upbringing for orphans, children deprived of parental care, as well as the return of children in crisis to biological families. If such an opportunity is impossible, the Center's specialists facilitate the transfer of children for adoption and family custody.

Children are sent to the Center by the Service for Children of Darnytsky District of Kyiv, the Criminal Police, and they can also apply independently. While the Children's Service works to solve the problem of each child, we provide children with a full range of services, provide care and support.

Children aged 2 to 16 are admitted to the Center. Before starting work, the specialists of our organization assess the needs of the child and his immediate social environment, assess the family situation and family ties, make an individual plan of work with each client. Children are provided with temporary accommodation, as well as four meals a day, soft and hard equipment. It is mandatory to organize a medical examination and provide medication if necessary. Specialists provide educational support, organize individual and group classes aimed at developing independent living skills and talents of children. Children are also accompanied to educational institutions. At the same time, our team is constantly working to organize the best option for transferring a child to family care.




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