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Today, the socio-economic situation of society is extremely vulnerable. The growth of unemployment, the spread of negative social phenomena leads to an increase in the number of families in difficult living conditions. It is obvious that children who are raised in such families often do not receive the necessary burns and are not provided with decent living conditions.


In order to provide systemic and comprehensive assistance to families in difficult living conditions, since 2000, the "Fund “Aspern" has been implementing the program "Support for the Families in Crisis Situations".

Participants of the program can become families in a difficult financial situation or other difficult life circumstances:


  • low income families;
  • large families;
  • incomplete families;
  • widows (widowers);
  • families with a child with functional limitations;
  • young families;
  • guardians or adoptive parents;
  • families in difficult living conditions;
  • families in a crisis situation;
  • children who are in the "Center for Social-Psychological Rehabilitation" of the "Fund “Aspern";
  • a family where there is a problem of alcohol or drug addiction;
  • families who have survived violence;
  • orphans;
  • children deprived of parental care.

Specialists of the organization within the framework of this program carry out an assessment of the needs of the family, make an individual plan of social support, involve family members and service specialists in the realization of the tasks of the individual plan. Also, the Fund staff provide social support for families, conduct weekly inspections of wards, provide them with humanitarian assistance and organize small cosmetic repairs of housing. Also, if necessary, family members are given counseling on personal and interpersonal problems, parental care and child care. Within the framework of the program, groups of mutual support of parents who are in a crisis situation are organized.



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